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Hi and welcome to Little Gaddesden Parish Council

For those who are new to the village, the Parish Council meets on the third Monday of each month - in the Village Hall Committee room usually. Members of the public are encouraged to attend and to speak on issues which are important to them. There is a slot at the beginning of meetings, which start at 8pm, for you to air opinions on issues.

As part of our active communications policy a full and up-to-date record of Council agenda, past and upcoming meetings, minutes, newsletters as well as a photo album of Councillors at work in the community, is maintained by the Parish Clerk on this website. There is also a policing page maintained by the Clerk with useful contacts and information about community policing.

The seven parish Councillors who are in office until 2019 divide up their responsibilities to cover environmental, planning, traffic administrative and policing matters. For 2017-18, individual responsibilities are covered as follows:  

Cllr. Archer* - Play areas, Charities, Airports, Working Planning Group
Cllr. Heaphy - Sports Field, School Liaison, National Trust
Cllr. Hyde* - Tree Warden, Play areas, Disaster Planning, Village Hall, Working Planning Group
Cllr. Irving - Ashridge Hult Liaison, Parish Communications, Policing, Financial Auditor
Cllr. Kelly* - Playground Inspector, Green spaces, Sports Field & Pavilion, Working Planning Group
Cllr. Hargreaves* - Footpaths/Rights of way, Working Planning Group, Technology
Cllr.. Magson - Youth Issues, Grants and Development

Clerk       Alastair Greene

The 4 councillors identified above with an * form a team to expedite the increasing numbers of planning applications that we are required to comment on. These Councillors may also attend the development control sub-committee at Dacorum to speak to  individual applications, those relevant to the preservation of the Area of Outstanding National Beauty that Little Gaddesden is part of and the conservation area for the village. 

The activities and priorities of the Council in recent weeks are described in greater detail in the latest Newsletter.  Among current matters occupying the Council’s attention are:
Installation of average speed cameras in the village
Boundary protection for the playing fields
Funding of improvements to the village hall
Village notice board policy to limit commercial abuse of the boards.
Planning enforcement and Village Green bye-laws
Funding for kerbing for the verge opposite the village shop
Super-fast broadband
Enhancement of selected village pathways and maintenance of signage
Also covered in the Newsletter is a summary of the responses to the recent Parish Survey which was completed by almost 200 residents in the spring and used to guide our thinking on spending priorities for our annual budget of approximately £30,000.
As always, residents should approach Councillors on matters of concern and interest to them.
 Cllr. Rob Irving

How to get in touch…

Gaddesden Society President
Trevor Fernandes 01442 843498

Gaddesden Society Honorary Secretary
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Gaddesden Society Treasurer
Phil Heaphy 01442 842283

Diary Editorial Team

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Emma Thon

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