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The Brownies have now broken up for the summer holidays but we had a very busy summer term… 
We made the most of some lovely sunny evenings by having fun over at the playground and going ‘Geocaching’ (basically a global treasure hunt and there are several hidden ‘treasures’ in the Ashridge/Little Gaddesden area).
We celebrated the Queen’s birthday by decorating fairy cakes – we most definitely have some future ‘Renoirs’ in our midst. And we found out some very interesting facts about the Little Gaddesden Brownie pack whilst putting together a display for the ‘Party for the Queen’ exhibition (more about this later).
Some new girls were enrolled and we went sledging at the Snow Centre – what fun – but my goodness it was chilly, especially when the snow went up your back!
The highlight of the summer term was the Berko Buzz in June – a District wide event that Wendy and Jo organised for 100 girls (from Rainbows up to Guides) at Phasels Wood activity centre, which ended in a sing song around the camp fire. We were very lucky with the weather and all the girls had a brilliant time.
Looking ahead, on September 2nd we are taking the Brownies on a weekend pack holiday to a PGL activity centre in Hindhead. We have been there a couple of times and it is always a fantastic weekend where the girls get to try some really exciting activities like the giant zip wire, abseiling, the giant swing and the ‘Power Fan’, which entails the girls climbing to the top of a 30ft tower and then stepping (or jumping) off! Rest assured, they are wearing a harness and are returned gently to the ground, but for the first few feet they really are free-falling and it takes a lot of courage to step off.
So, back to the history of the Little Gaddesden Brownie pack. Whilst pulling together the information for the exhibition, we were able to piece together the past 90 years of the pack but we also found out that there are many ladies in the village who have photographs of their time at Brownies. We would like to invite any ladies in the area, who attended Brownies, to come and join us at the village hall on Thursday October 13th at 5.30pm to share their ‘Brownie’ memories and photos – the present Brownies will serve refreshments which will go towards their Hostess badge.

Jo Bushe


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