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I write this sitting onboard the 6.57am to London Euston and, in-between some long, thoughtless gazes out of the window and occasional flurry of keyboard pressing, I am trying to summarise the season so far… I am struggling to recall notable events, my mind hazy and perhaps the reason for such confusion other than the early start is a good starting point.
I have lived (mostly) and been part of village life for over 30 years. I accept to some I am still the ‘newby’ but during this time I have met some interesting characters, long-time friends and even the odd celebrity has heard about me and decided to move to the village. I can recall with a sense of fondness walking up to the village shop (holding my older brother’s hand of course) to buy a packet of Smokey Bacon in the late 80s and on seeing a pink radio behind the counter playing Jason Donovan’s ‘Change Your Mind’ (a tune I recognised from my love affair with the Australian Soap, ‘Neighbours’) I started to sing along. The lady behind the counter smiled and named me ‘Jason’ after this teen icon… that lady was of course Gigi and it was not until I befriended her son in early 2000 that she realised my name was not Jason. I didn’t mind, as I quite liked being named after such a denim-clad legend from my youth!
Anyway, yesterday I got to spend the day with Gigi and her amazing family for the Odedra Curry Cup, a wonderful fundraising event for charity with no less than 400 adults and children turning up to enjoy simply the best Gujarati food outside of Church View. Each dish had been made with love; there was no mass restaurant cooking here, just time and an incredible attention to detail and I think all 400 would agree that we were spoilt!! The Odedra Cup (LGCC vs. an Odedra XI) was won by the visiting Odedra family, some big hitting, quick running and controversial ‘handling of the ball’ saw LGCC thrashed on their own turf. It was not just about the cricket, however, it was a whole day and a rare event when the entire village comes together so a big thank you to Gigi, Nash, Tozzy, Sonnel, Komal and their family for all the hard work. You all truly bring this village that so many of us love together and, of course, our thanks to ‘Buckets’ for running the show. A photo below captures the family approach to the day nicely for me.
Other cricket news. We are mid-table, having won four and lost eight, enjoying the season and of course the post-match analysis. I hope that we are a little further up the table by the end of the season. We also got to play in the semi-finals of the Coronation Cup and, despite losing to a much fancied Long Marston, we all enjoyed playing at Ascott House on a county-level pitch.

Michael Ephgrave



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