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Trevor Fernandes

Trevor has been on The Gaddesden Society committee for twelve years, the last eleven as President. He has been amazingly dedicated, despite a very full family and professional life. The roster of talks that Trevor has arranged has been varied, fascinating and well-researched and he has been at the helm for almost every one. In addition, he has commentated on The Gaddesden Society’s Village Sports Day (weather permitting) for all of those years - quite a feat, as it requires non-stop engagement of supporters as well as passing information to competitors to keep everything on track!


After so many years, Trevor is standing down as President (although remaining on the committee for the time being) and he does so with huge gratitude from his fellow committee members (past and present) and the whole village. Thank you, Trevor, for everything you have done.


David Heard

On the subject of thanks, David Heard, who stood down as Treasurer of The Gaddesden Society in 2007, has very kindly continued to oversee the Medical Driving Service for the past eleven years. He has maintained the list of volunteer drivers during that time, as well as helping to recruit new organisers as changes have become necessary. David has also acted as temporary organiser when necessary and he has now decided the time is right to step down from this role. David Seymour has kindly agreed to take the job on but we are very grateful to David Heard for all his hard work in keeping this much-appreciated service in good running order.



Many people have registered concern about the level of speeding along Hudnall Lane, in places a narrow, twisty and, in parts, overgrown lane. In response to a resident’s query about the dangers of speeding and the scope for action Councillor Irving commented that responsibility for speed limits and speed enforcement lies with the County Council and the Police. The Parish Council works with both bodies to influence the framework for the village but has no say in the limits that are set or enforcement. Currently, the Parish Council are paying for a mobile Speed Indicator Device to monitor traffic flows and speed through the village and provide data for traffic planners. The SID has been usefully deployed at Cromer Close and generated data that showed the average speed of traffic monitored was 33.3mph and that 85% of traffic was driving at less than 42mph. However, in what is a 30mph zone, 15% was driving above 42mph and one vehicle was recorded at 76mph! Other traffic survey work by the Police and the Parish Council has shown that around half of speeding is attributable to village residents so please be aware of the potential dangers. Many residents regularly walk and cycle along Hudnall Lane including children and dogs so please help us all to feel safe and kill your speed when driving along Hudnall Lane or other roads through the village.


The Gaddesden Gallop

One of the benefits of editing the Diary is that the Editorial can be the last article to be written, or at least subject to last minute Stop Press additions! So, hot off the press, we can report that the Friends of Little Gaddesden School organised a wonderful Gaddesden Gallop in May, taking over from the previous team, who have included Terri Adams, Sarah Brown, Natasha Bermingham, Helen Irving, Paul Kelly, Liz Hamilton and Nicky Bennett-Baggs. Our thanks to all of them who, having run the event successfully for seven years, have helped the Friends with their support and wisdom. Nonetheless, this is a large event and it takes a great deal of work in planning and on the day to deliver such a great village event. Well done to everyone involved, as well as to all those intrepid runners who braved the unseasonal heat!

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