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Clear External audit
The Government appointed external auditor has reviewed Little Gaddesden Parish Council's accounts and concluded that the information contained in the submission is in accordance with Proper Practices. Please see submission documents and certificate attached. audit conclusion - certificate. HT0068 S3.pdf of Conclusion of Audit 2017-18.pdf


Councillor Matthew Hargreaves’ resignation from the Parish Council was announced at the August Council meeting. Chairman Rob Irving thanked Matthew for his contribution to the Parish Council and village affairs at that meeting. As a contested election was not called by at least 10 electors during the statutory 14 days after notice of the vacancy was posted by the Parish Clerk, the Parish Council is using the approved process of co-option to identify and select a replacement for Matthew.

There are seven seats on the Council. The Parish Councillors play a necessary, non-political, role in managing village affairs within their statutory remit. The public assets around the village including the village green, playing fields, play facilities and trees in public places, all of which have to be maintained. The significant number of planning applications coming in monthly from local residents have to be commented on, or objected to, as part of the statutory Borough planning process. Contracts for a range of local services tendered have to be let according to financial rules.

Residents’ concerns about local issues need to be dealt with as well as communication with local government at Borough and County Council level. A full slate of Councillors is needed to do this work and represent views on local matters. The work is unremunerated. There are no expenses but the work is interesting and important to maintaining our status as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Applications are invited for the vacancy left by Councillor Hargreaves. Those interested should speak direct to Councillor Rob Irving, the Chair of the Council (843779) or the Parish Clerk, Alastair Greene. They will explain the process of application and selection and the Clerk will issue the necessary paperwork to candidates. There will be an interview and if more than one candidate applies Councillors will vote. We aim to complete the process by early November.

Please put your name forward by October 8th. As the current Council is approaching the end of its four year tenure, the appointment would initially be until May 2019 when the whole Council stands down and there will be fresh elections. So this is a very good opportunity to try out the role without a long term commitment.


P A R I S H  C L E R K  Alastair Greene

Bramleys | 1 Pond Lane | Little Gaddesden | HP4 1UB telephone 01442 842795 | mobile 07836 690236

A lovely village occasion

The Parish Council with support from DBC Councillor Terry Douris have funded the restoration of the Lady Marian Alford Memorial and to celebrate the completion of the works a little ceremony of thanks and rededication of the memorial was held on Tuesday 19th June 2018. Roger Bolton explained to the gathered audience a little of the history of Lady Marian and the Vicar John Russell re-dedicated the memorial, then Councillors Rachel Heaphy and Lyn Hyde offered everyone cream teas 

Lady Marian died in 1888 and a collection was taken for a memorial.  The donors ranged from Victorian nobility to her estate workers.  The cross and seat at the entrance to Ashridge Park were erected in her memory and were unveiled three years later in 1891 on her birthday, Sunday 21st June. For some years after Mrs Wheatley, wife of Lord Brownlow’s Estate Agent, kept alive the memory of Lady Marian’s goodness among the children of Little Gaddesden by distributing bags of sweets each year to children gathered near the cross on the anniversary. 


Please see link below to documents submitted for the external audit related to the year 2017-2018. 2017-18 Submission.pdf

Please see below the Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance and Accounts Return for the year 2017-18 of Public Rights to inspect accounts etc 2017-18.pdf


Further to the note below on the Internal Audit, the External Audit has also now been approved.
See signed documents attached. Return (External Audit) for 2016-2017.pdf arising report for 2016-2017 External Audit.pdf

Road Closure for the Tour of Britain Cycle Race

Roads through, Hemel, Nettleden, Little Gaddesden, Ringshall, Tring will be closed around the 10am - 12 noon time, probably a rolling closure and reopening as the riders progress, on Saturday 9th September


Not the most exciting news item perhaps, but nevertheless it forms an important part of the Parish Council Governance.

The Council received a clear Internal Audit this month and has just submitted the papers for the external audit. In accordance with the rules on transparency and openness the draft documents are attached for all to review and comment. Return submission 2016-17.pdf

Two planned sets of road works will take place in May. These works are being carried out by Hertfordshire County Council contractors. Some tree and landscaping work opposite the Village Store will take place at the same time.
Official yellow signs will be set up by the County Council prior to the works but please see the summary below and the official notice of the closure, together with the official map of the diversion.
Raising the kerbs and resurfacing the path works
From 5th May for up to 11 days, the road from the junction of Hudnall lane and Nettleden Road for a stretch of c. 100 metres going in a southerly direction along Nettleden Road will be closed from 9.30am until 4pm. Work will not take place over the first weekend 6th/7th May but is likely to be carrying on over the second weekend.
Traffic wishing to get to Little Gaddesden from the Nettleden direction, will be diverted from Nettleden Village down onto the Hemel to Leighton Buzzard road and back up towards Little Gaddesden via Dagnall and Ringshall. However it will be possible to get access also up Hudnall Lane and then to turn right at the Hudnall lane / Nettleden Road junction to head north towards the village (but that won’t be the signed diversionary route and it will not always be possible to get completely through the village due to the tree and road surface dressing – see below.)
Tree and road works.
The stretch of road between the Bridgewater Arms pub car park and Gatesdene Close will be closed by Herts County Council’s contractor or his Traffic Management sub-contractor between 15th May and 17th May between 9.30am and 4pm. The footpath between those two locations will remain open so that people can reach the shop and pub on foot. Motorists will not have access through the works for those few days and will need to manage themselves in terms of short term parking for the pub and shop. The tree contractor will be responsible for managing the pedestrians in the vicinity of his works. The road surface dressing team will commence their work on 17th May but at the moment we do not know at which end of the road they will start. This is a rolling activity, fairly quickly moving along and providing the new top surface, full diversions will be in place whilst this work is in progress.
The road can be utilised shortly after it has been surface dressed. White lining will not take place until at least a few days after that. There will probably be stop/go boards in place during the white lining work.
Although there will be disruption, the village will be improved by these works. Do remember also that the shop/post office and pub are open and will welcome your continued support throughout the works. Nettleden Road.docx

HGV BAN at WATER END and the impact on Nettleden and Little Gaddesden.

Please note that the responses from residents to the Water End Consultation has been very strong and as a result Hertfordshire County Council has agreed to amend the scheme to include an HGV ban along the Nettleden Road corridor through the villages and also along Hudnall Lane. The traffic order will be published in January and residents should check it and respond appropriately.

The link to the full report is attached below.

6th December 2016, early morning photoshoot with the first Speed Indicator Device outside Cromer Close.

This is the first of the five locations in the village where we will measure the speed of vehicles. The intention is to identify the locations where speed is a real danger and then take appropriate action to reduce the speed of vehicles to ensure the safety of residents and drivers alike.

Running from left to right, County Cllr. Terry Douris, Parish Council Chair Louise Archer, Kate Howard and her two daughters Matty and Belle, Police & Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, David Lloyd, Parish Cllrs. Lyn Hyde, Jim Townsend and Paul Kelly.

External Audit
Every year the Parish Council's is audited. The Clerk prepares a document called the Annual Return which covers both how the Council has managed itself - Annual Governance Statement, and how it has managed the funds - The Accounting Statement. The document has to be reviewed first by an internal auditor appointed by the Council and then externally by a team appointed by the Government.

The Parish Council has just received confirmation from the external auditors that the Annual Return has been approved. Please see the link for further information and if you wish to view any of the documents please contract the Clerk. Audit 2015-2016 completed with certificate.pdf Audit outcome 2015-2016 Notice of Conclusion plus issues.pdf


At last the Goverment have decided the Valley View appeal. This was an application to the Central Bedfordshire Council by Mrs Golby Webb - CB/13/03219/FULL visit the web site for original application. The application was for one additional static caravan and two additional touring caravans for one Romany gypsy family, with parking for two motor vehicles and associated hardstanding for use of the immediate family.

The full text of the decision is in the attached pdf but a summary of the outcome is as follows (with thanks to George Godar Little Gaddesden Rural Heritage Society for the interpretation of the decision letter at point 1 and 2 below)

1  The Inspector recommended the grant of full planning permission for the extra caravans but, if the Secretary of State thought that only temporary planning permission was appropriate, then the temporary period should be 4 years.

2  The SoS has disagreed with the Inspector that permanent planning permission should be granted:  only temporary planning permission is appropriate, and then only for 3 years as alternative Central Beds Gypsy and Traveller accommodation should be available by then.

Clerk's interpretation
A mixed result for the parties in that the extra caravans are permitted but for only 3 years, although of course a new planning application can be made at a later date. 

Full decision letter attached below. View Central Bedfordshire 2214146.pdf

Audit of Accounts
Members of the public are able to view the Accounting Statements and Annual Governance Statements by contacting the Clerk between 20th June and 10th August. Please see Statements, rights and access details in the files attached. of Annual Return for 2015 to 2016.pdf

Please use the link below to view the Village Survey results. Council Survey Presentation Final (1).pdf


Louise Archer, Chair of Little Gaddesden Parish Council was delighted to welcome the Mayor and his wife to the Village for a special visit on 23rd April.

From left to right, Borough Councillor Terry Douris, Parish Councillor and Vice Chair Rob Irving, The Mayors Attendant Alan, Carol, the Mayor's wife, The Mayor, Sharon Collins from Dacorum Democratic Services and Louise.

Louise was keen that the Major should meet those involved in key activities in the village and so the first stop on the tour was to see and particpate in the Bowls and Croquet Clubs friendly match between club players. Here is Bill Paterson explaining the finer points to the Mayor.

Club Chair Marika Graham-Woods gave the Mayor a tour of the Clubhouse and encouraged him to have a go.

The tour moved on through Bede Court where the Mayor was keen to talk to one of the residents Richard Baker about the close before heading off to the Post Office and Village Stores where the Mayor was introduced to Amit and his wife and sister Noral, Nash and his wife Gigi and shop assistants Rosie and Adam, who were on duty that day. Everyone acknowledged what a crucial role the shop had in the life of the village.

Tim Cooper as former Scout Leader for 1st Little Gaddesden Scouts was pleased to be able to show the Mayor the Scout Hut, another great community funded asset. The Mayor remarked how fortunate the village was in having several halls or club premises that the community could use for meetings and events.

The tour ended back at the Village Hall where the WI President Glenda Cooper was hosting the annual WI Tea Party. 

What a fantastic range of cakes and sandwiches!

The Hall was packed out

A well earned cuppa!

............Little Gaddesden Parish Council and Little Gaddesden Bowls and Cricket Club sign new lease.....................

The photo shows signatories to the documents giving LGPCC a new lease that ensures that the Bowls Club will continue to thrive at its location at Church Road Playing Fields. From left to right in the front row, Club Chairman, Marika Graham-Woods and Parish Council Chairman Louise Archer, from left to right rear row, Club Captain Alun March, Rob Irving Vice Chairman of the Parish Council and Robert Clark Acting Treasurer of the Bowls Club.

The parties to the lease were pleased to put in place the lease that gives the Bowls Club 25 years with an option to renew. In common with other leases to clubs and societies there is a nominal rent and obligations on both parties to do various actions, such as the tenant to maintain, repair and insure the premises, both parties have obligations on different stretches for maintaining fences and hedges etc.

As part of the new arrangement two new hornbeam hedges have been planted to provide an attractive boundary on the western and eastern borders and to provide, in the longer term, a little bit of a windbreak.

The Club is having it's next Open Days as follows:-

Bowls: Sat 7th May & Sat 4th June

Croquet: Sun 15th May & Sun 5th June (see the Village Notice boards for details)

so do go along and have a go!


Please find attached the village survey. The Parish Council would very much welcome your support in prioritising projects in the village. Please open, save and complete the survey (you will need to navigate through the document using the numbering at the bottom of each page) and forward it to:-

Alastair Greene, Clerk to the Parish Council, Bramleys, Pond Lane, Little Gaddesden, HP4 1UB

or scan then email it to:

Click on the link below to open the survey Parish Survey 2016.pdf


Under the new campaign of 'Use it or lose it', Councillors Louise Archer and Lyn Hyde led the way on a trip into Berkhamsted last week. As Chairman of the Parish Council Louise was keen to get the campaign underway. Councillor Lyn Hyde, who was instrumental in rallying strong support during the consultation period to keep the bus running, explained that bus useage will be monitored by Herts CC and if residents do not make good use of the bus, the repreive will be short lived!

Picture below shows the Councillors and former Councillor Anne Wooster at the bus stop in the village. (see bus timetable below)

The new Bus Timetable from 1st Sept 2015.

Following the success of the campaign to keep the bus (mid week services saved but no weekend service), a new campaign is needed called  'USE IT or LOSE IT', because the bus will not continue unless there is justification through continued passenger useage. Please help to keep the bus going!

The team of volunteers are carrying out monthly surveys of the flowers and wildlife to be found in the four conservation areas on our village green.  Here are just a few photos of the flowers and insect life found during the June survey. (Photos courtesy of Shaun McCarthy)

(Photos courtesy of Shaun McCarthy)

Little Gaddesden Village Green

‘You can’t please all of the people all of the time’

The mowing regime for the village green has been an item on the Parish Council agenda for as long as I can remember.  It is a case of neatness and road safety verses biodiversity in the wildflowers, butterflies, insects and wildlife it supports.
This year we are going to trial regular monthly mowing between March and October, but not for every section.  The grass will be cut, but not collected on the regularly mown sections, the theory being that it will dissipate quickly - removal costs are prohibitive.  

The proposal is to leave four areas for wildflowers and associated wildlife. The four areas to be left are; the sections between the driveways  White Meadows, Keepers Cottage, and No.42 principally for the Ladies Smock and two areas of the large section with the Adelaide Cross in the centre for the Crane’s bill.  On these sections a ‘two mower’ width boarder will be cut to ensure sight lines for the road and driveways as well as a walking verge to the path.  When the flowers have bloomed and seeded the grass will be cut and removed and the whole green will be cut in October, to ‘put it to bed’ for the winter.

From the wild flower point of view this proposal is a compromise, however it will favour the flowering habits of a very few key species and incidentally provide good flowering opportunity for many other species.  I have a couple of volunteers who are prepared to ‘adopt’ a section of the Green to survey each month, recording and photographing the flowers and if possible insects observed to enable us to build a comprehensive picture and record of what is growing .  I would welcome some additional help with this - any volunteers please contact me. Based on this information, we will review the mowing regime at the end of the year. If you would like to add your comments please direct them to me.

Whilst on the subject of the Green, you may have noticed that Geoff & Mary Rogers Walnut tree close to the Adelaide Cross died, it has been removed and the Rogers family have planted a new Walnut tree outside No.49 on the Green.  You may also have noticed that the two lovely but very elderly cherry trees on the Playing Field close to the Pavilion have been removed and will be replaced in the autumn.
Lyn Hyde

Neighbourhood Planning

Laura Wood, Strategic Planning Team Leader from Dacorum Borough Council addressed the last Parish Meeting on the benefits and issues related to the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan. She gave a very good summary of the steps to be taken and explained that this was not an easy process and required dedication and funding to see it through from start to finish. She also explained that other tools or processes were available for smaller development areas, these were called 'Community Right to Build. Full slide pack attached. Gaddesden presentation.pptx

Road Closures

The Village has been subject to two road closures already this year, one for emergency works by Thames Water near to Bridgewater Court and then for scheduled pavement and kerb improvements on the narrow section of Nettleden Road, next to the Church Road junction. The Parish Council is in the process of setting up a dialogue with the Utility Companies to ensure maximum notice is given to the village and to have input into how the works are managed so as to cause as little disruption as possible to residents and businesses.

Walsham Bench replacement - Now installed
Many thanks to David Brattle for doing the installation.

Sandra Walsham checking out the new bench on the Church Road Playing Field in the December sunshine.



Your enquiry has been passed to me for reply as this application will be determined by the Secretary of State.  I apologise that we have not been able to issue a decision by 19 December 2014 which was indicated to you previously.   However, I can assure you that the case is under active consideration and we will issue a decision on it as soon as we can. 

I will ensure that you are notified of the decision when it is issued.

Previous item on Valley View read as below.

The Secretery of State Call In (Inquiry) into the Valley Heights application took place on 5th - 7th August 2014 at the Council Offices, Priory House, Monks Walk, Chicksands, Shefford, SG17 5TQ. Cllrs. Archer, Hyde and the Parish Clerk attended the three days between them.

Representations were heard from all parties who wished to speak. Following the closure of the inquiry, the Inspector is now preparing her report and
recommendation for submission to the Secretary of State for his consideration.
In accordance with Schedule 2 and SECTION 55 of the PLANNING AND COMPULSORY PURCHASE ACT 2004 the Secretary of State will issue his decision on or before 19 December 2014.

As this application falls within the Central Bedfordshire Council area if you would like to see further information on this application by Mrs Golby Webb - CB/13/03219/FULL visit the web site

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