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Lee Clements our PCSO
Lee Clements our PCSO Tring Meet the Team poster.pdf


2. What should one do in the case of an emergency and a non-emergency situation?

Always dial 999 in an emergency.

In a non emergency always use 101

Contact Crimestoppers anonymously with information about crime on 0800 555 111.

3. Neighbourhood Policing Strategy – summary of the document, please click on link below Policing.pdf

4. Parish crime statistics - Month by month crime report. Little Gaddesden – (January  2018)
                            Full report in link below or main text further below.

Offence                                           No. In Parish      No. in Dacorum
Residential Burglary
Dwelling                                                   0                       71                 
Outbuildings                                             0                        15
Burglary Business and Community         3                         25
Criminal Damage                                     0                        114
Vehicle Crime                                          0                         161
Anti-Social Behaviour                              0                        277

Please Note: not all crime types are included in this table, as these can be found elsewhere online (see below), however, we have included crimes and incidents of most relevance to local people and where other significant crimes have occurred we endeavour to include details, and the police response to it, under the ‘other news and events’ section.
*ASB is not defined as ‘crime’ however it has been included in this table for your information as it can affect the wider community and we (police) are jointly responsible with local councils for dealing with it. Recordable ASB includes neighbour disputes and noise nuisance etc.
For more details on crime in your area please visit: Enter a postcode to see the ‘crime map’ for the local area.
Further information
The three burglaries relate to offences on or around the golf course at Ashridge. Initial enquiries have been carried out and anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101.
Useful information
You can follow your local team on Twitter @BerkoPolice
Visit where you can find the latest police and crime news, crime prevention advice, vital awareness campaigns and people wanted by police.
Police non-emergency number 101. (In an emergency always use 999).
You can also use the online reporting form for non-emergencies, which can be found on the Herts Police website
Contact Crimestoppers anonymously with information about crime on 0800 555 111.
If you have any concerns about crime or anti-social behaviour please contact your local PCSO Lee Clements on 101 or by email to
Please consider registering valuables for free at This is an easy way of recording items, from jewellery to bikes, so that if lost or stolen and subsequently recovered they can be identified and returned. Please also consider marking tools in some way so that they are less attractive to thieves. Police will engrave them free of charge and hold regular tool marking events. Contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team for more information.
OWL Neighbourhood Watch
We invite residents to sign up and receive messages from the police about what’s going on their local area. To sign up to OWL or for more information please visit
Current campaigns
Hertfordshire takes part in national knife amnesty:
iTunes voucher scam:
Although this incident happened outside of Dacorum, we would still urge residents to remain vigilant and share information around this scam. and heating oil 1.pdf and heating oil 2.pdf

5. Any other business or comments that Sergeant Hopkin/Lee Clements and the local PCSO team would like to mention or initiatives to be promoted.Please click on the links below for advice on security. security.pdf frontsheet.pdf 1.pdf 2.pdf

Historic Monthly Reports

Covering January 2018 2018 Little Gaddesden.docx

Covering December 2017
Full report not available

Covering November 2017
Full report not available

Covering October 2017
Full report not available

Covering September 2017 Gaddesden September 17.docx

Covering August 2017 Gaddesden AUG 17.docx

Covering July 2017 Gaddesden July17.docx

Covering June 2017 Gaddesden June17.docx

Covering May 2017 Gaddesden May17.docx

Covering April 2017 Gaddesden APRIL 17.docx

Covering March 2017 Gaddesden Mar 17.docx

Covering February 2017 Gaddesden Feb 17.docx

Covering January 2017 Gaddesden Jan 17.docx

Covering December 2016 Gaddesden Dec16.docx

Covering November 2016 Gaddesden Nov16.docx

Covering October 2016 Gaddesden - October 2016.docx

Covering September 2016 Gaddesden Sept16.docx

Covering August 2016 Gaddesden Aug16.docx

Covering July 2016 Gaddesden July 16.docx

Covering June 2016 Gaddesden - June 2016.docx

Covering April and May 2016 Gaddesden - April & May 2016.docx

Covering March 2016 Gaddesden - March 2016.docx

Covering February 2016 Gaddesden - Feb 2016.docx

Covering January 2016 2016 - Little Gaddesden.docx

Covering December 2015 Police Little Gaddesden December 2015.docx

Covering November 2015 Police Little Gaddesden November 2015.docx

Covering October 2015 Police Little Gaddesden October 2015.docx

Covering September 2015 Police Little Gaddesden September 2015 Report.docx

Covering August 2015 Police Little Gaddesden August 2015.docx

Covering July 2015 Police Little Gaddesden July.docx

Covering June 2015 Police Little Gadd June 2015.docx

Covering May 2015 Police Little Gaddesden 1st - 31st May 2015.docx

Covering April 2015 Police Little Gadd 26th March - 26th April.docx

Covering March 2015 Police Little Gaddesden 1st - 31st March 2015.docx

Covering February 2015 Police Little Gaddesden 25th Jan to 25th Feb.docx

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