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Lee Clements our PCSO
Lee Clements our PCSO Tring Meet the Team poster.pdf


2. What should one do in the case of an emergency and a non-emergency situation?

Always dial 999 in an emergency.

In a non emergency always use 101

Contact Crimestoppers anonymously with information about crime on 0800 555 111.

3. Neighbourhood Policing Strategy – summary of the document, please click on link below Policing.pdf

4. Parish crime statistics - Month by month crime report. Little Gaddesden – (May  2017)
                            Full report in link below or main text further below.

Offence                           No. In Parish      No. in Dacorum
Dwelling Burglary                     1                         58
Burglary Other                         0                         25
Criminal Damage                      0                        110
Vehicle Crime                           0                        90
Anti-Social Behaviour               0                        no figure

Please note that there has been a national change in the way burglary offences are recorded.
They are now classified as:
Burglary Residential – all buildings within the boundaries of a property, including sheds and garages
Burglary Business and Community – buildings that are solely for business purposes or are otherwise outside the classification of residential burglary, such as a sports club or place of worship.
Due to this change, figures will no longer be directly comparable to those of recent months/years
Further details/Other crime
Burglary – Offender has gained access to the property however, the alarm has sounded and they have left empty-handed. Enquiries are continuing.
For advice on how to keep your home more secure, visit the ‘crime prevention’ section of the Herts Police website.
Theft – Offender has taken timber from a property. Initial lines of enquiry have been carried out but there are no further lines of enquiry at this stage.
For more details on crime in your area please visit Enter a postcode to see the ‘crime map’ for the local area.
*ASB is not defined as ‘crime’ however it has been included in this table for your information as it can affect the wider community and we (police) are jointly responsible with local councils for dealing with it. Recordable ASB includes neighbour disputes and noise nuisance, as well as issues such as regular rowdy behaviour in public places.

Other news and events
Please consider registering valuables for free at this is an easy way of recording items, from jewellery to bikes, so that if lost or stolen and subsequently recovered they can be identified and returned.
Visit for crime prevention advice or call your local PCSO Lee Clements via the 101 non-emergency number or mobile 07740745169.

OWL Neighbourhood Watch
We are still recruiting and would invite any resident of the parish to sign up and receive messages from the police about what’s going on the area. All we need to sign you up is an email address and/or telephone number and you can start to receive information. To sign up to OWL or for more information please email or visit
Police would also like to recruit more neighbourhood co-ordinators to try and boost the number of people signed up to OWL. If you are interested please contact me.
Police Surgery
A police surgery will take place outside the shop/Post Office in Little Gaddesden on Wednesday, July 26 between 3pm and 3.30pm.

Useful information
You can follow your local team on Twitter @BerkoPolice
Little Gaddesden Parish Council area is covered by Police beat code D2E. The allocated officer for that area from the Safer Neighbourhood Team is PCSO Lee Clements.
Visit where you can find the latest police and crime news, crime prevention advice and people wanted by police.
Police non-emergency number 101. (In an emergency always use 999).
Contact Crimestoppers anonymously with information about crime on 0800 555 111.

Police and Crime Commissioner Message
The Constabulary and the Fire Brigade are two of the most valued public services we have in Hertfordshire.
They work together every day, sharing knowledge and expertise, and we must continue to support them in their efforts to protect us.
There are great benefits to improving their existing relationship – not just for the emergency services more widely, but for the whole public.
Since January, Police and Crime Commissioners have been encouraged by the government to examine the options for taking over governance of their local Fire and Rescue Service.
Currently, Hertfordshire County Council runs the fire service as well as Adult Care services, Children’s Services, Roads, Waste, Libraries, Schools and Transport. The money spent on fire accounts for less than 4% of the council’s budget.
For me it makes sense to see Hertfordshire’s Fire and Rescue Service more closely aligned with the other dedicated emergency services. The government has also made it a duty for the services to collaborate more closely.

A consultation is underway on a proposal for a shared Police and Fire governing body for Hertfordshire.
The business case suggests it could:
Improve public safety through joint training and combined operational activity.
Protect the fire budget, meaning that what is raised for fire is spent on fire, rather than being diverted to other services.
Increase accountability, with a directly elected person accountable to the public for their actions.
Speed up improvements in joint working.
Allow greater coordination and streamlining of decision-making across emergency services.
Improve joint response to road traffic accidents and other major emergency incidents.
Use resources better, including a co-located control room and innovation through shared police and fire estates.

This is NOT a merger. Both services would remain independent. There would still be a Chief Constable and a Chief Fire Officer – they alone would be in charge of operations. This is also NOT about cutting budgets. Any savings achieved would be ploughed back into the fire service. The budgets for both services would remain separate.
The consultation ends on the 14th August. You can read more about the proposals here:
Following public demand for more ways to contact the police, it is now possible to report non-urgent crimes online, as well as giving information about crime in the community.

Aside from live web-chat with police staff in the Force Control Room – the same people who you’d be talking to if you called 101 - you can also report crime directly on the force’s website.
You can also download the official Hertfordshire Constabulary app, which can also be used to report crime, conduct webchat and get local information about crime and operations.
In an emergency you should always dial 999.
Visit or for more details.

David Lloyd
Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire and heating oil 1.pdf and heating oil 2.pdf

5. Any other business or comments that Sergeant Hopkin/Lee Clements and the local PCSO team would like to mention or initiatives to be promoted.Please click on the links below for advice on security. security.pdf frontsheet.pdf 1.pdf 2.pdf

Historic Monthly Reports

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Covering February 2015 Police Little Gaddesden 25th Jan to 25th Feb.docx

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