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Our outdoor painting day was in September this year. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t up to scratch and several of us got lost finding Startops Reservoir spending more time in the excellent Bluebell Café than outside painting! However we did see a beautiful kingfisher flash by.


We had a full house for Linda Cavill’s excellent ink and collage workshop in October. It was great fun and we all created a montage of Venice from her beautiful photos. No pencils or paint brushes were allowed. We started by using a small roller and placing random ink marks on our paper, then some random collage pieces were stuck on. No decision had yet been taken as to where the buildings were to be placed. Next we studied the photos and began to determine the positions of the buildings. This was a montage, don’t forget, so anything could go anywhere! Then more rolling of ink on the paper, this time beginning to determine the positions of buildings. Next, using the edge of a small piece of card dipped in the ink, we made marks for windows, doors, edges of buildings, railing and the like and then it came to life!


All our meetings are open and everyone is welcome whether you are a member or not, with the exception of the summer supper and AGM, when you need to be invited by a member. You can of course join the club by getting a form from Helene on 842493. There are always jobs to do and you don’t have to be an artist!

Virginia Westmacott

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