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Little Gaddesden Village Produce Association – ‘The VPA’

Village Produce Associations grew across the country out of the World War 2 ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign and Little Gaddesden VPA is one of the longest standing organisations. Over the recent years it has developed along the lines of a gardeners’ social club, still encouraging people to grow a variety of produce and flowers, to enjoy the garden, and to bake and generally make things. We currently have around 200 families in the Village as members. We run two village shows a year, an annual plant sale, a Harvest Supper and Quiz and an annual visit to RHS Wisley.

We operate the VPA Store – a ‘gardening raw materials’ store next to the Village Hall.  Membership offers you access to our store, which is open on Sundays from 10:00am to 12.00noon, where you will get discounted gardening supplies. Profits go to deserving causes within the village or to charitable organisations that serve the village such as local hospices or the school.

When is a good time to join the VPA? Now! If you are interested, please come along to the store on a Sunday morning, or get in touch with our Membership Secretary.

Membership Secretary: Alastair Greene
01442 843667
General enquiries: June Abraham

Header image: Andrew Sheard