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Parish Council Councillor Contacts

Administration of the New Council

Declarations of Acceptance of Office
Just a note to confirm that your new Councillors have signed their declarations of acceptance of office and undertaking to observe the Code of Conduct.
Please see file link below of Office PC 20th May 2019.pdf

In August 2012, The Department for Communities and Local Government published, 'A guide for Councillors on Openess and transparency on personal interests. That guide advised that the register of interests should be available on a Parish Council's website. The registers have been signed by new Councillors and by Dacorum Borough Council and are attached below. lynette.pdf paul.pdf sarah.pdf kathryn.pdf susan.pdf john.pdf james.pdf

On 2nd May 2019 the Parish Council elections were held and as a result a new Council has been formed which will meet for the first time on 20th May at the Village Hall at 8pm.

The result of the election was as follows:-



Candidates               Votes        Elected


Lynette Hyde             346          Yes

Paul Kelly                    318           Yes

Sarah Lawson             293          Yes

Kathryn Magson        192           Yes

Susan Pritchard          273           Yes

John Saner                  298          Yes

Edward Senior              93           No

Jim Townsend            313          Yes


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