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It was a pleasantly sunny day in September when we, along with many lovely volunteers, counted HGVs passing in and out of the village via all routes. It transpired that there were few and it was decided that a second count was not necessary. It has been suggested to Ashridge College that any that call there be routed away from Little Gaddesden. It would seem overall that the Water End Bridge HGV re-routing is working as planned, HGV traffic down from 300 to 130 per day. (PER DAY!) Great Gaddesden worked hard for that result, thus hopefully saving the old listed bridge across the Gade and it would seem that the Nettleden road has not been used as a rat run to date. Just so long as the M1 holds up…


Eddy’s Field, through which an old footpath runs between Alderton Drive and Ashridge Golf Course out to Ringshall, was in danger of being lost, until the RHS stepped in and as a result it is now still viable, passed at County level. There have been a couple of inappropriate alteration and development applications to which we have added our objections to those of the Parish Council. Plus, the Valley View travellers site off the B440 close to Hudnall Lane have now put in further plans for an increase in number of caravans, which we are also objecting to. Problem is, the site is in Mid Bedfordshire, whose attitude could be described as ‘distant’.


Lyn Hyde has been collecting young oaks and acorns which are all thriving, ahead of being planted along an old tree line in the field on the easterly side of Church Road. These, of course, are local and freebies but it will be necessary to protect them from grazing animals for which Lyn has also raised the funds locally, including a donation from the Rural Heritage Society. They will replace some which have been lost to past grazing.


Calling all dogs: If you would like to take your (well-behaved) person walkies with the RHS, Frances and Tim will be organising local 3 to 5 milers of local interest to both humankind and doggykind over the winter months. Look out for details on the village noticeboards. NB: Humans without the benefit of a dog are also, of course, very welcome (well-behaved, obviously). STOP PRESS: Tim is planning a New Year’s Day walk and Frances hopes to lead one a little later. Watch out for details nearer the time.


Christmas is coming! We will be at the December Village Market with Vicars Bell’s double edition and ‘A Century Remembered’, priced at a billy bargain price of £8 and £10 or a double package only £10! (there must be someone, somewhere….) Also, a beezer Christmas present for a local would be a copy of the 1762 Greys map of Little Gaddesden and of the village incorporated into Ashridge and its environs (very different from today). And, guess what? We have them too, and they can be printed to order on A2 for framing at £17. Do come along and have a look.

Josie Jeffrey


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