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Your Guide To What’s Going On in and around Little Gaddesden

Gaddesden Diary Production and Distribution

The Gaddesden Society produces The Gaddesden Diary four times a year. The Diary gives club reports, a calendar of future events and a contact if you would like to join any club or organisation. If you would like to subscribe to the four editions, please contact our Distribution Secretary ( Copies are also available in the Village Shop.

The Gaddesden Diary is published quarterly in June, September, December, and March. Subscription fees are currently £5.00pa for local delivery and £8.00pa for UK postal delivery with overseas postal subscriptions by arrangement. Single copies are sold for £1.50 each. If you are not already paying by standing order, you distributor will call at your home to collect your subscription in May and June of each year. In the event that you are unable to contact your distributor or have missed their round, please contact the Editors at to find out available payment options.

To advertise in the Diary, please contact our Advertising Secretary (

For calendar entries, please contact our Calendar Secretary (

The Gaddesden Diary Editorial Team

Editors: Phil and Rachel Heaphy (
Calendar: Nan Newberry (
Advertising: Vacancy (; mail will be appropriately forwarded during vacancy)
Distribution: Anna Stevenson (

Vacancy – Diary Advertising

We’re looking for someone to manage the ads in The Gaddesden Diary and so help ensure that the Diary stays financially viable. If you would like to get involved, or to find out more, please email

Sample Copy

The Gaddesden Diary is currently published only in paper form, although we may explore digital/online publication in the future. In the meantime, here is a sample copy of the Diary – in fact an exceptional, online edition published during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 – that illustrates its content and format.


Header image: Andrew Sheard

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